Call for students graduated in Technical Forestry Engineering or similar degrees to obtain the usual competences of the Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry Engineering

The RD 822/2021 establishes that in order to graduated students in the previous academic planning to access to a Bachelor’s Degree there must be a previous admission in the university, and this must be done in accordance with the regulation of the university, which must recognise the corresponding credits from the previous degree, depending on the curriculum followed, according to the article 10 of the RD 822/2021, which regulates the credit transfer and recognition.


Admission Calendar 2022/2023

Process Deadline
Requests application deadline from June 1 to July 15
Provisional list of accepted people:
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July 19
Claims from July 20 to July 22
Final list of accepted people:
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July 27



Ordinary enrolment period: from August 26 to September 12, 2022.

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