The School of Forestry Engineering takes part in the institutional mobility programmes by supporting the outgoing students and receiving the national and international incoming students

The organisation of the subjects in the different degrees in the centre leaves the optional subjects for the fourth year, making easy to conclude that this will be the moment of the curricular development in which the student will be able to adequately take advantage of the possibility of completing their studies through mobility.

The structure which completely divides the study plan into terms must facilitate the students’ mobility, as it enables them to choose between a year and a term for their stay in other universities depending on their personal circumstances.

The students mobility if focused in the SICUE Programme, at a national level, and ERASMUS, at a European level, with some other more functional offers for exchange programmes with other geographic levels more directly managed by the University of Vigo (ISEP Programme with America and bilateral agreements). The offer seems to be initially enough, although it must be taken into account that the high demand has motivated -some years- the need of a second call.


Mobility responsible

Juan Picos Martín
+34 986 801 947