Students from the University of Vigo talk about the Bachelor’s Degree: video 1 | video 2

The objective of this degree is prepare forestry engineers which fulfil the needs of the forestry sector and of the society in general. This graduated student is able to develop tasks related with the management, conservation and exploitation of the natural and forestry spaces; to perform hydrology works, reforestation and soil conservation; and hunting and fishing management.

Similarly the graduated student is a professional who is in possession of knowledge on the industrial treatment and use of wood and its products, on projects of renewable energy generated from forest biomass, on the quality control of forest-based industries; on the design and finishing of furniture; on the performance of research projects and on the forest technological development.

Career opportunities

  • Private sector: companies of natural resources management, neighbouring hill communities in common, reforestation companies, forestry use, forestry management, auditing and certifying companies, environmental field, forestry and timber industries, renewable energies (biomass), engineering works management.
  • Research, development and innovation (R&D&i): R&D&i public/private centres, research centres on forestry resources, universities research departments.
  • Free professional practice: projects and survey, forestry, natural and environmental advisory services, etc.
  • Teaching.
  • Local, provincial, and autonomic public administration (General Directorate of Forests, Forest Fire Prevention and Defence Service, General Directorate of Nature Conservation), Spanish public administration (Magrama) and European public administration.


  • Forest Holdings
  • Forestry Industry