The Campus of Pontevedra is certified with the international certification Green Campus, which is oriented to the environmental education activities execution

Green Campus is a Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) International Programme. The FEE granted this award to the Campus of Pontevedra, turning the University of Vigo together with the University of Coruña the first ones in achieve this flag, which identifies the environmental care and prevention, at a state level.

The FEE brings together 76 NGOs in 65 countries all over the five continents. In each of the participating states there is a responsible organisation for the FEE programmes (Blue Flag, Green Key and Ecoschools), orientated to execute environmental education activities. In Spain, this organisation in the ADEAC (Environmental and Consumer Education Association).

Basic Goals of the Green Campus Programme

  • Progressively apply a methodological adaptation of the Ecoschools Programme to the University environment.
  • Articulate the commitment acquired by the university on favour of a more sustainable and equitable development.
  • Add value to what is being done, and provide acknowledgement and stimulus to continue it, being an example for third parties.
  • Involve the university community in the environmental improvement of the participating Campus or Faculty.
  • Network with different national and international universities.

Presentation on the Green Campus Programme

Arboretum in the Campus of Pontevedra


The Green Campus International Programme Environmental Committee of the Campus of Pontevedra states the following environmental declaration assuming the basic commitment in favour of the sustainable and equitable development for which is necessary to transfer the environmental values and principles to the teaching, researching and general services activities so that they are coherent with this development. All of this from a global dimension and in permanent cooperation with other similar experiences.

Being aware of the environmental relevance of the area of the Xunqueira, in the river system of the river Lérez and in the Nature 2000 Network and in an Area with Special Protection of Natural Values.

Being aware of the need of educating and raising awareness in environmental subjects on the collectives integrating the university community (students, AS and ASS) to ensure the efficiency in the environmental measures and to promote active attitudes towards the environmental defence among the centres, services, and facilities users within the Campus.

Being aware of the essential need of establishing and keeping a continuous dialogue and an stable collaboration with public local institutions and closest environmental associations.

This environmental declaration comes to the following commitments:

To promote materials recycling, recuperating and reusing, and to ensure the reduction of waste generation on daily activities.

To reduce pollution from university activities improving the efficiency and energy efficiency of university building and premises.

To incorporate the consideration of the environmental dimension in the teaching and researching university activities, as well as in the tasks related with building and maintaining the buildings and facilities, looking forward to protecting and strengthening the natural habits and the biodiversity.

To promote means of transport which minimise the environmental damage.

To ensure the environmental criteria are considered in the goods supply and in the service delivery

To raise environmental awareness in the university community collectives through the corresponding activities.

To disseminate among the general public this environmental commitment and any other pertinent information.

Pontevedra, April 24, 2015

Salustiano Mato de la Iglesia
Chancellor of the University of Vigo

Environmental Declaration of the Campus of Pontevedra

Here you can find basic information on the activities and initiatives developed in the Green Campus Programme framework and different documentation related with the priority objectives and thematic areas of the Green Campus. Particularly, you can consult the action plan guiding the different actions implementation.

Green Pavilion: sustainable sport in the Campus of Pontevedra

One of the main thematic areas of the Green Campus Programme is participation, awareness and environmental volunteering. How can I take part in the Green Campus Programme?

  • Being aware of the natural space in which the Campus of Pontevedra is and of the environmental challenges of the university activities.
  • Taking part in the environmental actions developed in the Campus, including the environmental volunteering.
  • Providing ideas related with the previously described topics. For this you can use, among others, the Green box.
  • Taking part in your faculty’s environmental committee and attending the coordination meetings.
  • Developing your Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Final Project, or your PhD Thesis or Research Project in topics related with sustainability in the Campus of Pontevedra.


Green Campus Certification