Validations table for 1st and 2nd year

Passing on by the corresponding bodies of both centres (Centre Board, Degree Committee and Teaching Committee) of the VALIDATIONS TABLES directly applicable by the Management Services which jointly achieve the 132/126 ECTs on Basic and Mandatory subjects, without prejudice of a student requesting other validations following the current regulation. The proposal was agreed.


AS mobility

Establishment of mechanisms which, according to the applicable regulation, enable and promote teaching staff mobility among the two centres, both in the Bachelor’s Degree and in the Master’s Degree in Forestry Engineering of the USC.


Interuniversity Agreement

  1. Agreements on the validations table among the basic and mandatory subjects which enable an effective transfer of academic records for students of the two degrees.
  2. Complement the educative offer of the centres/degrees in the optional subjects using the strengths in the teaching of specific subjects, or developing in the offer lapping and in the curricular development of students.
  3. Development of the existing programmes possibilities, SICUE, etc.
  4. Cooperation in the teaching of the Master’s Degree in Forestry Engineering currently taught by EPSE-USC.
  5. Cooperation in the development of joint educational contents (Yearly Sessions, joint technical trips).
  6. Development of the joint actions of students training to face the forestry university teaching of the GUS.
  7. Coordination and joint presence towards entities outside the GUS called “Conference of University Centres of Agroforestry Engineering” or in the referent Professional Bodies and Associations.
  8. And particularly to keep a Work Committee which cooperates indefinitely enabling to develop all the necessary actions and future changes to use the synergies and complementary on the current study plans, material and human resources dedicated to these.


Complete agreement SFE (UVigo) – EPSE (USC)

Validations table SFE (UVigo) – EPSE (USC)